Kangaroo Island Pure Rain Bottled Water

"Premium Australian Water of Superior Virginality" 
Australian Water Quality Centre

It means this water is incredibly low in nitrates, the nasties in water that can affect our health. That’s because this water never touches the Earth, so it never has the opportunity to dissolve pollutants. Falling straight out of the fresh Kangaroo Island air and bottled at the source for you.

Testing by the Australian Water Quality Centre has found Kangaroo Island Pure Rain to be incredibly pure and free from contaminants.  It is so low in nitrates that it rates as being of ‘superior virginality’ in the world of water.  In fact, with a nitrate content of just 0.005 mg/L, and the definition of superior virginality being between 0 and 1, it is almost 200 times ‘superior virginality’!

Owned by Ceduna locals Michael & Hayley Nicholls. 100% South Australian and proud of it!


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