WCT Rural is a locally owned and operated progressive agricultural business with a strong focus on client and customer service and specializing in all aspects of dryland farming.

Their services are very diverse, from Agronomic advice on crop rotations, pest and weed control, chemical recommendations, chemical supply including application rates and supply of fertiliser just to name a few.

In Store you will find a comprehensive range of water supply products, water tanks, fencing and general farming merchandise including dog & cat food, workboots & bulk detergents.


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53 Schwarz Street, Ceduna SA 5690


32°7’11.989″S 133°41’11.578″E


Latitude: -32.119997
Longitude: 133.686549


8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 11:30 pm Saturday


(08) 8625 2260


0428 252 226


(08) 8625 3411


0427 252 261    Malcolm Stott (after hours & emergency only)

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